Weekly Veggie Box

What's new in 2016? ...LOTS!

More of the veggies you love

We have pored over your feedback so that you can get more of the things you like and less of things you don't.

New veggies

Some new and exciting veggies (and varieties of veggies) are coming your way: garlic, potatoes, and edamame to name a few! Find out more

More locations

You can now choose from either Thorndale or Downtown London to pick up your Box. Find out more!

The Swap Box

Want to swap something out of your Box? The Swap Box will be there for you to make a trade to better fit your preferences.

10% extra, guaranteed

When you sign up for a Box, you will get an additional 10% worth of veggies over the course of the season, so you get even more for your money.

Pre-paid Market Shares

Want to buy some veggies while picking up your share at the market? Now you can without having to worry about carrying in your wallet! Find out more!

Fruit on the horizon

We are launching a fruit tree planting project this spring so that you can have your fruit, and eat them too.