Our story

A young aspiring farmer from Montreal meets a young theatre manager from Goderich. There are sparks, there is friendship, and there is a dream to grow. After a few short years, we got engaged, had a baby, and found a little piece of land in Thorndale, a small village in Southwestern Ontario. Our dream to grow was about to become a reality. We have set out on a wonderful adventure and are excited to share it with you.


We arrived in Thorndale in 2014. At first we tended to our land, pampered it and gave it a well deserved rest. In 2015 we started Turning Leaf Ecological Farm, a small-scale market garden and CSA operation that is based on ecological principles of agriculture (non-certified organic). Our ambition was to feed and support our community while being caretakers for the land around us. With a little resourcefulness and much dedication to our work, we are able to provide fresh and tasty produce for many people in our community throughout the season.


As of 2016, we are producing about 50 CSA shares (which we call Weekly Veggie Boxes), and also sell our produce in farmers' markets in and around London, such as the Thorndale Community Farmers' Market or the Western University Farmers' Market (from June to October). We also sell wholesale to other food-related businesses.


We grow everything ecologically, meaning in a way that strives for balance within our land's ecosystem while also being able to produce enough food to feed our community. Therefore we follow organic principles of agriculture (although we are not yet certified), but we also go beyond these standards as our practices meet and often exceed them. Our goal is to leave behind a piece of land that does not need restoration so that it can continue to provide for future generations without much input.


In short, we do not use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, nor do we use GMO seeds. We also believe the key to ecological stability is diversity, which is why we grow 50 different types and over 80 varieties of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. If you are curious, here is a list of what we're growing in our fields this year.

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Denis and Lyndee